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 Brazil: Rio Grande do Norte Signs Sectoral Agreement on Lubricant Packaging
 On 03 December 2013 the State Secretariat on the Environment and Water Resources (SEMARH) and Institute on Sustainable Development and Environment (IDEMA) of the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Norte (RN) signed a sectoral "term of commitment" (termo de compromisso) agreement with the petroleum industry's "Jogue Limpo" (Play Clean) Program to create a state-wide take-back system for used plastic packaging for lubricating oils. The agreement envisions creating the take-back system first in the metropolitan area of the state capital, Natal, and progressively extend it to all municipalities in the state by 2016. The agreement was prompted by provisions in the federal Solid Waste Policy Law and its implementing decree, that call for certain products and packaging, including lubricating oil packaging, to be subject to "reverse logistics" (take-back) and allows for sectoral agreements instead of regulation where they can be worked out between the government and a significant portion of the market for that product. A national sectoral agreement was signed between industry and the Environment Ministry in December 2012, calling for expansion of the Jogue Limpo program to northeastern states such as RN.
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