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 Brazil: Bahia Signs Take-Back Agreement with Industry on Plastic Packaging for Lubricant Oils
 On 12 November 2013 the petroleum products industry signed a state-wide sectoral agreement on "reverse logistics" (take-back) with the State Environment Secretariat (SEMA) of the Brazilian state of Bahia (BA) regarding plastic packaging for lubricant oils. The accord is in furtherance of the national sectoral agreement concluded by the industry and Brazil's Environment Ministry in December 2012, under the terms of the 2010 National Solid Waste Policy Law, which called for imposing reverse logistics on several priority waste streams, including plastic packaging for lubricant oils. The BA termo de compromisso (term of commitment) agreement was signed with the industry's "Jogue Limpo" (Play Clean) Program, along with representatives of the National Association of Distributors of Fuels and Lubricants (Sindicom) and the Bahia chapter of the National Federation of Fuel and Lubricants Commerce (Fedecombustiveis). The agreement envisions launching Jogue Limpo in the state capital, Salvador, during December 2013 and gradually expand to 63 municipalities.
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